I’m sure many Star Wars fans have the Star Wars Fonts set, “SF Distant Galaxy” and/or “Star Jedi.” What these don’t have are the updated symbols from the new prequel trilogy. I’ve managed to update the font “SF Distant Galaxy Symbols” to include these new additions to the Star Wars Universe. I hope fans will find this font set useful in various fan projects.

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So what if Fred Savage got top billing?  The star of this movie is the NES!!!

The Wizard Versus Rain Man

January 27th, 2005

How many movies feature an autistic person with uber-abilities? Other than that awesome Bruce Willis movie? I can think of two. But how many feature the Power Glove? Only one. You have .01 seconds to think of something better to do with your time than reading this article. Time’s up.

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In honor of the unveiling of the title of Episode III, “Revenge of the Sith,” here’s a fan poster I made. It’s very rough and I didn’t bother to make it look professional, I didn’t see the point in wasting all that time for so little gain. Besides- you get the point.

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Now you can have the first stage from the greatest video game of all time as your wallpaper. Trust me, this is totally radical, dude.

Super Mario Bros. 3 - Stage 1, World 1

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