April 3rd, 2007 is a blog I started ’cause I thought the internet could really use another shitty blog. Like all other blogs on the internet, this site is a colossal waste of your time. Get out now while you still can.

You’re still here? I guess you REALLY, REALLY wanna know what this crap is all about. Well, this site is just a random collection of mildly interesting observations and various offensive media. The process is simple: First, I wake up and I call my Eskimo friend, Esteban and tell him what my dream was last night. He then calls his Madagascarian friend, Enrique, who then calls his friend, Robbie the Robot. Robbie then converts my dream to Hexadecimal and telefaxes it to Japan where Japanese scientists enter it into Google translator to translate it into Mandarin, then into Swahili, and then finally back into English where their intern posts it as the new entry in this blog. These extra steps are part of our Genuine BlogBabble Initiative that focuses the company’s many activities and investments directed at combating counterfeiting and other forms of piracy into a single coordinated effort. The initiative focuses on increasing investments in education, engineering, and enforcement. It’s part of our commitment to help protect the industry, to help protect our intellectual property, and to help you avoid problems before they happen.

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