Nowhere Man 10 Years Later...

Well, it's 2006, and Nowhere Man has finally arrived. One of my (and hopefully yours) favorite shows of all time has been released on DVD. 10 years ago, after Nowhere Man was cancelled, a small group of fans started an internet campaign to keep the show alive, be calling for new episodes, lobbying to have the show picked up by another network, or simply introducing the show to new people and keeping it current and fresh in people's minds. This was all done through a ring of websites, created and run by fans. Since I had just started making websites myself, I wanted to make a Nowhere Man page to help out. Well, it didn't take long before those dozens and dozens of sites became just a handfull, and today, it seems there are precious few genuine Nowhere Man sites out there.

When I created this site, I had imagined I would try and succeed where the others had failed: create a large, multi-page site that had pages for every episode with cast list, summaries, clips, TV spots, images, sounds clips etc, and to add a level of interactivity, allowing fans to rate every episode and vote for their favorite episode, and any other interactive stuff I could think of, hoping that this would keep people coming back to the site. I had even thought of perhaps making a Nowhere Man card game and even at one time a video game! Needless to say, these never came about, but the thrill, the excitement in the show was still there for me at the time. Now, I don't even have the time to watch all the DVDs, nor even update this site. Even just 5 years ago, I would have flipped out at the sight of a glossy 9-disc NWM DVD set on my desk. I would have watched them all in quick succession, and posted a complete review immediately.

Nowhere Man is over for me now. Primarily because the DVDs are out, but also, I'm just not as excited about the show as I once was, and most everything I planned for content for this site is now available either on the DVDs or on the internet.

In the past year, everything I wanted to do for Nowhere Man has happened. First, the DVDs, of course. But also, a complete interactive series guide is now available at They have recently updated their database to include voting on TV shows, and individual pages for every episode of every TV show! In addition, any media, images, sounds, video, etc, I could have wanted for this site is now available on the DVDs, which contain high-res copies of all the episodes, commentaries, documentaries, interviews, deleted scenes, outtakes, TV spots and featurettes. It is far more than any NWM fan could have ever asked for!

So for now, I consider this chapter closed, this site is now just a frozen monument to a great show. I have no plans to update in the future. Instead, I invite you to go out and...

  • Buy the DVD!
  • Rate Every Episode on IMDB
  • View the full cast and episode summaries on IMDB
  • Rate the series as a whole on IMDB
  • Talk with fellow fans on the IMDB forums.
Thomas Veil is still out there, searching...


07.13.06 - Wow, its been a long time since I've updated this page. Sorry about that. I've been meaning to update ever since the big news hit - NOWHERE MAN has been officially released on DVD!!! So I've updated the DVD page, and as a special bonus, Here's a couple wallpapers I made to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Nowhere Man, featuring my absolute favorite image from the series:

Nowhere Man 10th Anniversary Wallpapers
Version A (Basic)
Version B (With Negatives)

And so, it is with much reluctance that I 'retire' this site. I have written a short essay (see above) entitled "Nowhere Man 10 Years Later...", which you probably already read, detailing why. I will keep this site online for as long as I can, but I have no plans to update it in the future. Nowhere Man has had a slow, confusing and rather unfulfilling journey these last 10 years, and for me It seems very appropriate. Here's to you, Tom. Keep searching for answers!


06.09.04 - Updated the site with a DVD section where you can order Fan-made DVDs, or download the episodes.

01.20.04 - Grand Launch

Okay. So the new sites' finally done. Took awhile. I had a really crappy site years and years ago (back in '99). It turns out that all the links from my old site no longer work, so you'll notice there's no links sections as of yet. I spent a long time creating a definitive NWM links page (45 Links!) and I don't want to do it again right now. It's sad to see so many NWM sites disappear over the years, so I'm happy to bring a new NWM site into the world. Luckily, there are still a few good sites towing the line out there. For example, check out the and site banners at the bottom of the page.

Check out what's here for now and here's what I hope to add soon, assuming I actually get any traffic:

    1. Visitor rating on each individual episode
    2. Character/Actor guide for each episode
    3. Definitive links section
    4. More photos
    5. Petitions
    6. etc...

Nowhere Man Wallpaper


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