The HD format war is over and Blu-ray won. Mark my words. Over. Done. Finished. May 1st, 2007 was the day of the deciding battle, it was waged far and long into the night, and in the morning a clear winner emerged. Of course, we the lowly public are only just now arriving in the position to make such a judgment, but the ‘masters of the universe’ so to speak, the corporate executives in the position to make the real influential decisions, they knew right away. HD-DVD was dead and Blu-ray is the format that will dominate the foreseeable future. Oh, sure there are more battles to be waged, but like Gettysburg or Normandy before it, the deciding battle has already been fought, and in the aftermath, while the pawns reveled in their triumph, the true generals in the war knew the truth: If they knew what would come of this, they would not be cheering.

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So what if Fred Savage got top billing?  The star of this movie is the NES!!!

The Wizard Versus Rain Man

January 27th, 2005

How many movies feature an autistic person with uber-abilities? Other than that awesome Bruce Willis movie? I can think of two. But how many feature the Power Glove? Only one. You have .01 seconds to think of something better to do with your time than reading this article. Time’s up.

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