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The Genesis of the Colbert Report

September 25th, 2008

Long-Time viewers of The Daily Show may remember that the now-hugely-popular sister show The Colbert Report actually  started as a series of fake promos featuring Stephen directly parodying The O’Reilly Factor way back in late 2003.   The following year, Comedy Central finally decided to build on The Daily Show and create a spin-off.  The producers, Jon Stewart and Ben Karlin, got together with Colbert and tried to come up with a show.  Stephen would later go on to say that they couldn’t “think of a better idea than those bumbers, so let’s just make that real.”  ‘Bumpers’, refering to the promo bumpers they had already created.  They pitched the show to the network, and the idea was green-lit without creating a pilot.  Soon after, the show became one of the network’s biggest hits.  Now that Comedy Central has archived the entire Daily Show series online, you can view all of the original fake promo bumpers for what would become the real show:

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Tomorrow Barack Obama will announce his choice for Vice President.  Now, while a lot of speculation has been made as to his choice, most have been stupidly obvious guesses, like an old white guy politician.  What people don’t realize is that Obama is a maverick.  He’s running a campaign unlike any other before him.  He’s not going to settle for anything less than the absolute best running mate ever in the history of mankind. And with that in mind, I present to you my predictions for Barack’s pick:

10. Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime

If you’re going for leadership, the only one who comes close to Obama is Optimus Prime.  He has fearlessly led the Autobots in their endless war against the evil Decepticons for about 80 million years.  Despite being an alien artificial life-form from outer-space, he’s all American – Just check out his color scheme. How can you not vote for these guys for president?  He also happens to be 10 stories tall.  Who’s gonna cross you in hostile negotiations when you have a gigantic fucking robot behind you?  NO ONE, that’s who.

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